Amplifying the Power of Civic Engagement

Murmuration amplifies the power of civic engagement with data, tools, and research for organizations building healthier and more equitable communities.

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What We Believe

We believe that organizations working at the community level have infinite power to create healthier and more equitable communities through collective action and civic engagement. But too often, these organizations lack access to the high-quality tech and data needed to reach and continuously engage people. With Murmuration’s tools, data, and research, community-based organizations across the country can connect with and mobilize people more effectively — amplifying voices that are too often drowned out — to shape a more vibrant, healthy future.

Our Products

Every day, organizations across the country are working to solve problems and transform failing systems. Our products help these organizations leverage civic engagement to drive change.



Our partners make change possible. They work tirelessly to transform our broken systems. Whether it’s fighting to strengthen democracy or to increase access to equitable schools, they’re leveraging the power of civic engagement to transform one community at a time.


Join our team and help shape the future of civic engagement. Explore careers with Murmuration and become a part of a dynamic organization dedicated to creating healthier and more equitable communities.

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In communities across America, Murmuration is helping hundreds of organizers orchestrate thousands of individual people to say something together. Do something together. Demand something together. To create the world they want. Together.

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